Transformation of Alphabetronics


The plastic is falling down the stares

I can hear the metallic creak and grind

Of carpet yawning and stretching

I’m not even aware of what I’ve done –

I must be a genius at this . . .

Why draw like that?

With conditions like this . . .


I’m easily distracted into monotony

When it comes to the subject of Bionic Bunnies

I cannot stop this

I could do it all day

Just writing the letter “d” over and over

Now I can’t get anything done

When I read that book,

I saw figures just outside my vision

Taking naps in the shadows

Made by chairs in the night

They listen to your every word

If you were only willing to open up

For get your prejudices – it’s not worth it.

When ice freezes like a letter “z”

Replacing the letter “s”

Why do they do that?

When my head runs

Into a blue bowl sitting atop

The bottle of glue

With strong bonds, I know this can be good

It will continue until the last piece of paper

Falls from the sky

It won’t always be like this –

One day, things will be different.

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