Yes, I Witnessed Their Arrest


You waste so much space that I could die.

I know what I’m doing.

I’m getting used to it.

Space is running dry with all the dripping going on.

Television is the great distracter of sea monkeys.

The nearsightedness will hinder the emotional side effects.

I don’t know where I’m going.

I know you could help me find the one thing

That will help me breathe easier.

I can feel the black creeping down before my vision.

No more for me today, I’m quite relaxed as it is.

I’m not a part of the particle group.

You know what’ll happen when my safety pin pops –

Everything will spill out and you will think, “what is this?”

That terrible thing has happened, but maybe it’s done.

I should get a hold of that one.

The consciousness is not on time, however.

The banality of it all!

The crabs are shouting, “Carrot stick!

Cut the cardboard, or you will die

With pink and silver running from the corner of your mouth!”

The snow port is full, so I wonder – it’s not high tide.

I’m on the floor, trying to decide what has jumped.

There’s really nothing to do tomorrow, so I hope it happens.

I remotely remember the conversation of thieves. . . .

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