The Bedouin


Hatchback family on a sun-baked highway

Clearly now, the way sets in.

Painted Desert, painted lizard, painted cactus

This is here and that is there and all simmers.

Heat waves sing the Sweat Song of the Steel Box:

“O you now beware,

No rest for the weary

La-la-la to pass the time

Wise wanderers save energy with sealed lips.”

The dunes conceal sinkholes

Beyond that horizon lurks delirium.

A demon hell ride into terminal psychosis.

Vacation mirages in the depths of slow superheated boredom.

The background cries and moans rattle around.

Trapped in a tin can.

Devoid of sunroof – unfortunate

Despite its command of the certain doom

Lost now, circling the mesa

Searching for a lone, envisioned gas station.

Waiting for the wayward milk and honey billboard.

But it is never found, except at night.

Locked up and dry as the desolate surroundings.

Desert Egyptians claim you will win this card game.

One more hand, but the cards are stacked.

One wrong draw and things run afoul.

But you’ll never know because the

Tent is warm and full of lovelies.

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