Flesh forms the ideas from ages

The form of ideas

What is form without sensation?

Why is touch held back and limited?

What is flesh, but something to feel?

Flesh is experienced through touch

The sense attached with the most guidelines

Cacti and certain fish impose their rules

They are not to be touched

They are precious objects.

Humans are no less precious in this world

We make ourselves important with our things

We forget the core, which does not fend or ward off

The sensory tools of others

We are meant to be appealing

Our outer layers protect

But they also promote experience

A certain exchange from one to another

Deny this – deny Nature

It is such a simple fact

As with all simple things in life

We complicate it

We must bring forth codes

Entered in the correct sequence

One who succeeds in this

Gains access to riches which

All need to enjoy

However, it may be pointless to argue this

With most valuable things

The more abundant an object is,

The less value it has as a sought-after thing

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