When it becomes automatic, the skill is lost.

Fundamental exodus to the background noise,

That is where the interest is piqued.

Explore and confound the expectant spectators.

They will never know your mind.

One-liners are for fools, he says.

The sign of a horrible actor, she says.

I say, not much is said in one line, but

Sometimes it counts for more than that which

Spews from the mouths of impresser hopefuls.

Fictional fabrics have been set on market,

Stolen and used in the time of pharaohs.

Like the silly aphrodisiac presented to my nose.

Doves afire and my name is not Gary.

Everyone is a scientist, so if you like,

Call me Gary from afar.

I will turn and take your hand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dutch, a reference to both Reagan and Schwarzeneggar.

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