Dream Recyclables


Old dogteeth gnaw on a black rat’s bones.

Grind and crunch the hairy black body

Without second thought

The black rat was the chubby girl’s pet.

She was pissed

Although my mutt killed her mousy,

We had enjoyed many rousing sing-a-longs.

Together, and that was fine.

This is what happens:

The world turns

People and places, forgotten overtime.

Industry breathes; trade thrives.

Like cancer, it will take over all

Unless we act.

Altimeters, bonesetters

The shaman cuts the flesh,

Separates the living soon dead tissue,

Spits in the trembling water.

Reverend winds on the church surface

Speak to some.

To most, TV speaks.

What is culture?

It is constantly recycled.

Those adhering to the waste ways

Rubbish ethics

Condemn the new and improved.

New, yes; perhaps not improved.

Do not blame the new generation.

They live how they must, and

This you must accept.

There cannot be a set time limit

For a set of rules, however.

The new ways already grow old,

Vulnerable to ousting

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