Sit and wait,

You bait and you burn

Turn away from the sun

Exposing all

Pulling from the shadows

Things they hide only by choice

Protected only when it suits them

They betray

What the shadows hide


Run away with a head held high –

The tail’s between the legs

Trying to cover the foul odor of treason

I grasp for understanding, but

See no reason

My head falls to my hands

Drowns itself

My only companion,

It is hurt, so

It hurts itself, punishing

It swells against the encompassing skull

Magnifying the lull to a din

Distract and conspire

Persistent desire

Jerky movements become fluid,

Then freeze suddenly,

Hairlines spider and spread

The endless circle

I look down at my body

The stretching slave

Without question it goes on and on

Constantly requiring substance,

Its request denied for

It cannot be satiated

It never quits

My logic and reason attempt to subdue, but

My form does not understand

The translation is flawed

My body rages on

The mind is in an uproar.

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