I'll Miss You


why'd you leave us?

I'm sick of all these tears.

Just don't say its final,

I've known you all these years.

I still remember your face,

that ray of hope inside,

I still just can't believe it

I just can't believe you died.

The word brings tears to my eyes,

That word that stabs my soul,

Without you here beside me,

There's only a black hole.

And so I continue mourning,

This horrid November day

You jumped off the bridge this morning,

And landed in the bay.

I wish I could have told you,

Thank you for many things,

but now I only see you,

Smiling in my dreams.

I should have told you I'm sorry,

For those stupid fights we had,

I should have told you I loved you,

You always made me glad.

To be your friend was the very best,

And this I must confess,

I wish that I could hold you again,

In a neverending caress.

I will never forget you,

And that is a pure promise,

For everything that makes you,

I will always miss...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem in rememberance of my dear friend, John who took his own life away by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge early November 30th 2005. I'll always remember you John!

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