Break these chains


Stuck with chains,

Connected to my wrist,

Letting all my dreams,

Cease to exist.

Who cried for me?

Wept my sorrowful tears?

Who died for me?

Protected me through the years?

Tell me you'll never leave,

Promise you will stay,

Say you love me,

And it will always be that way.

Send your love,

Take my hand,

Only you,

Can understand.

Give me something,

To hold and treasure,

Give me something,

Of divine pleasure.

Who stood beside me?

Took care of me these years?

Who was there for me?

And took away my fears?

I just want to say thanks,

For just helping me out,

And I just want to say,

I don't know where I would be without,

Your love to keep me sane,

And I still remember that,

Even with this unforgiving chain.

Only you can free me,

Free my soul from this hell,

Break these chains,

And break the spell.

Just take my hand,

And that's how I know,

With you and only you,

Is the only way I will go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem I guess is about a girl who is held back by "chains" that life has brought her and is asking for her lover to help her for he is the only one who can...

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