Go Back & Keep It Yes

August 2014

Late night talking with the only girl who

could make the one fall back to two,

don't ask who, present care wouldn't be fair,

just send that question, wait and stare


at the screen wondering why no response yet,

pulling it out of your pocket every few minutes,

silly questions used to always get answers,

then that night i'd only dream of a dancer,


just my memories cancer and it's stuck in remission,

little by little i care for the drunk no i'm missin,

why'd i start wishin and say yes just to wake up,

tell you i don't want to date this way, couldn't make up


my mind on you when my heart is still set,

on holding you in my arms til you smile, expect

me to throw more then a few hooks out your way,

cause i've already found a way to wait until that day.

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