All I Really Want Is Something Beautiful To Write

May 2014

Guess i'll keep you locked up in my broken mind,

cause i could never see a living behind your dead eyes,

you can keep living your own lie,

while i'll keep wondering how just thinking of you leaves me terrified,


for once i didn't catch a hint before the fall,

before she threw me right to the wolves,

keep me lonely, keep me paralyzed,

take the art of heart breaking and keep protesting til it gets legalized,


way too pretty when she surprised me with our demise,

stuck with the pen to the paper, i constantly revise,

all i really want is something beautiful to write,

instead of our uselessness i dream of each night,


you can keep your warmth and living that lie,

while i wake up from seeing you, absolutely terrified

that i'll never find the right amount of beautiful to write,

that would make her just type out hey and push send tonight.

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