Staring At The Distant Lights Of A Raceway

May 2014

Thought it would be about waiting for a sign,

for some lonely stranger passing me by,

to bring the right amount of good change into my life,

teach me to finally locate and stay along the dotted line,


come here, get closer to me,

your eyes show all the pain you've felt and seen,

with me i promise there will never be a need to lonely grieve,

i'll always respect the things you believe,


everyone always told me in time,

there will come a reason for me to change my mind

about her, listening and wishing just to hold her,

everything amazing is so far away, come closer,


writing and loving the life i lead while waiting,

hindering all of my tindering but never my dating,

it now appears that all i seem to do is just waste days,

standing high up in sky view staring at the distant lights of a raceway.

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Amazing, this is truly

Amazing, this is truly beautiful

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beautiful thoughts make

beautiful thoughts make beautiful writes

can you hear me now?