Black Star That Scarred My Horizon

April 2014

help the souls caught in the web of her whoredom,

the ones who get sucked in when she feels mere boredom,

minor insults, ignore em cause who's doing better?

let it rain or hail, who cares about the weather?


i compare her to some feather that just landed softly

in my hands and just couldn't get off me,

started introducing roxy, the blackouts occurred,

i got it all mixed up when it needed to be stirred,


from being scared you added the r,

that took it to the next level, black star

that scarred my horizon and is left there to see,

she held onto the wind and blew off softly,


now that she's off me and off to do her,

i'm stuck in disruption just trying to stir,

the stance or way i portray a dancer tonight,

is exactly the reason i'm off track tonight.

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PeterChristopherRaymond's picture

I love how you play with

I love how you play with language and use unusual rhymes. I suppose everyone has asked you whether or not you ever put these to music so I'll be the latest one I guess. :)