Your Pride Left You Behind

March 2014

When dreams can't save you from the demon inside,

do you become angellic for love or pride?

why choose to hide what we had as a friend,

when we could grab this sadness and put it to an end,


maybe if i was perfect i'd be by your side,

then i'd be worth it enough to not hide,

run away but your pride left you behind,

we were never complicated, now i see the signs,


without money why fines would be the little fear,

the biggest being getting heart broken again this year,

no one near which means none can hurt,

speak pretty lies like i think i loved you and we will work,


just some dumb jerk alert of none other then we,

even when she has no desiree apparently for this he,

sip some more whiskey til i finally feel alive,

alive enough to drive out into the rain and dive.

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PeterChristopherRaymond's picture

Fantasic phrases like 'dumb

Fantasic phrases like 'dumb jerk alert' and 'sip more whiskey til I finally feel alive.' Great imagery. :)