Everything I Have & Am Is Hers

March 2014

The kids are the ones who will hear the tales,

of our romantic exploits, long lost loves and epic fails,

our guilt only grows stronger with age, if only years prior,

i would have held onto the meaningful love instead of retire,


remember like i do all we choose to breathe for,

all we move on in our life for and all that means more

then just one Summer fling, all it would take is one call,

but i never choose to dial cause i think it's a dumb call,


stick with me forever and together we can daily remember,

how something amazing was just lost one September,

but i had it until November, then December, then March,

it's what still keeps my heart beating and my feet march-


ing towards something that'd make it all worth it,

i'm in no rush but i'm sure she's perfect,

she is the love of my life and everything i have and am,

will all be hers forever, if i could just give a damn.

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I do sense a certain air of

I do sense a certain air of nostalgia. The things kids seem to take for granted like having a girlfriend or boyfriend seemed to mean more to older generations. :)