Just Wanna Be Heard

March 2014

Sometimes i just wanna be heard and i wonder

how i'm supposed to speak above this thunder,

never got my fair share of the captured plunder,

why must i always just get swept under


the rug, it's rough in the buff,

get no love when i know i'm hot stuff,

only asked for companionship, not to cuff,

tough luck i'm indifferent to your bluff,


with little to discuss and a lot of disgust,

how can i pay the amount for the express bus,

when half my face was blown off like Gus,

surrounded by suspectful girls who only fuss,


a new outlet is a plus, i must finally bite,

stop barking everywhere and learn to pick my fight,

alright, alright let's all write the entire night,

and invite in the polite rhymes to bright.

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