Words From Heaven

February 2014

Close your eyes and i'll kiss you,

i know tomorrow you'll wake up and say i miss you,

yet you should know i wish you the best, always

have and always will, i'll be here for you always,


no need to look all ways, just look up,

sure enough i'll be there smiling down upon you grandson,

my how handsome you have grown to be,

even if this life i've watched is slightly unhealthy,


i've been there for all your letdowns, all the heartbreaks,

all the rejections, drunk nights and sober mistakes,

no matter what though, just know this love,

it makes no matter who you be, it is enough,


stop feeling so down on yourself, i swear you're stronger,

free up your time, i'm sure it'll last longer

then you thought hon, grow up and be great,

that is the true meaning of life, fulfillment is in a mate.

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Stardust's picture

A beautiful read!! :) this

A beautiful read!! :)

this reminds me of tears in heaven...

Silver__lining's picture

thanks for the read and

thanks for the read and comment :)

never read the lyrics or heard the song before but after hearing it i definitely hear the resemblance!

we just always want those who have passed to tell us to be stronger then we are

can you hear me now?