True To Who?

February 2014

Show me a man that's never made one mistake,

one man who never took some dumb thing called fate

and turned it into a mistake he semi enjoyed,

no matter how it turned out, no matter how annoyed


at how life never gives its dues, true to who?

me and you, them and us, what else to do?

write another rhyme then another line,

gotta be a better way, some other time,


on another timeline i'm sure i didn't screw up,

sometimes i act oblivious even when i know just

the right amount of love to give, usually half a halve,

the tighter you squeeze the less you have,


a fortune cookie fact, once bought and sold,

not a saint, but i have their heart of gold,

my soul shows itself in these moments of ink scratching,

an imaginary door is now sealing itself closed and securing the latches.

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