Same Lame Dame Game

January 2014

We ain't picture perfect but we're worth the picture,

how long will the hint take until it hits her?

can't bullshit the crooked path or the painful past,

as always i'm full of sorrow and sorrily stuck on my last,


a cast surrounding my body, grounded and lifted,

no one heard the sound yet, this one's gifted,

still asking what is this? like it was still a year ago,

give or take i was in the same rut i suppose,


still through all the days turned to blunts turned to months

turned to years, you're still worth the picture to me, no fronts,

only one and that's me lying trying to be happy for her,

when i'm only happy that i ever had minutes for her,


or more of her then i could ever handle, must be the reason

that season after season the same Blue & Yellow is teasin,

meanin i'm used to teamin up with fire and ice,

never tire of the same lame dame game, desired device.

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