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December 2013

I'm sure i'm not angry anymore, so ask again,

ask how i could still have feelings yet again,

when did it end? a question she'll never think to ask,

maybe i'll feel better about it and it'll slowly pass,


money in my pocket, no love in my locket,

full of life lessons yet i'm no ones top pick,

someone yell stop it, just stop caring,

whisper it's over so just stop sharing,


selfish she is and selfish she was,

mystified my own eyes and couldn't see the flaws,

never saw the teeth even when i saw the jaws,

only saw a play button, not once a pause,


silence the applause, cause you know it's long over,

get a grip on the bottle and figure out sober,

don't allow those over who will only slow down your growth,

this is no joke, it's a handwritten oath.

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PeterChristopherRaymond's picture

I love your wordplay. I sense

I love your wordplay. I sense a Leonard Cohen influence perhaps.  :)

Silver__lining's picture

cant say that i have heard of

cant say that i have heard of leonard cohen to be honest but ill use the good ole google and inform myself

thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy my wordplay :)

can you hear me now?