I Gave Only You

January 2012

As i'm running out of ways i'm running out of days,
as a coach i have no plays all my thoughts lost in a maze,
how could i get this hurt after feeling your heart through my shirt,
it must have just been a flirt alone i roam the desert,

just stay beside me don't fall for fake destiny,
i gave only you the best of me then you gave up on the rest of me,
it's simple and you know it is why make it a quiz,
i'm staying out of your biz since you invested in his,

if only i could open up doors and see hair like yours,
i could forget the scores and ease all my wars,
but it's hard to find a girl so fine,
so why keep tryin when like you they're not mine?

you're not all i have but you're the incline on my graph,
and lately without your laugh i feel under staffed,
so before it's done lets have one more night of fun,
please don't be done give me a chance to stun.

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