I Hope We're Those Versions

December 2016

We can't keep our hands to ourselves when we're around each other,

why let time chip away at our love? lets go for another,

i don't need any other, i definitely don't need a tutorial,

for you i'd quit talking to anyone, be territorial.


My poetry is my memorial, you're all i see,

i'd quit the jane, you're all the Mary i need,

just say when to proceed, i truly think there's a version

of you living out there happily ever aftr with me, and i hope we're those versions.


Behind closed curtains, my thoughts try to defeat me,

i always thought you were the piece to complete me,

if you cheat me, still i'll never dislike you,

there will never be anyone who can pull off a dress like you.


I really like you too, ever since i met you and fell in love with you,

i've lost all desires for material things, all i want is you,

but if you can't love me right, right now... whatever helps,

i'll put a pause on my love and go somewhere else.

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