Fight The Summer Night Memories

November 2016

I'm better then okay, no more pretending,

no longer need to worry about signs i'm sending,

days aren't blending, still making money,

you know i do, just say if you want me.


You used to haunt me, so exciting,

you'd light up my nights like lightning,

frightening how much i wondered what dress and,

always graduated to not asking you a single question.


Took no suggestions, i was lost clearly,

and that's not a pain i feel yearly,

it gets missed dearly, then declines in time,

once i'm knocked back a few steps and fall behind.


Maybe i'm designed to just chug Miller Lite,

sit on my ass with a ripped shirt, that's my killer night,

i'd swap tears for beers on any night,

just so i don't dream of our summer nights.

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The rhyme scheme in this poem

The rhyme scheme in this poem is very impressive.


[ * /+/ ^ ]