Heres To You, Kid

August 2016

Should have known falling would again cause me harm,

knew i shouldn't have gotten used to having a beauty in my arm,

those weren't wedding bells, they were heart alarms,

your love felt like i was on the bad end of a pair of loaded firearms.


Never trust the charm, it'll never be how it could've been,

i tried to believe that and it did exactly what it fuckin did,

left me falling like tears from an eyelid, the ground is my fix,

now my whole past is mixed.


She'll never be eclipsed, i know what i'm missin,

does she?... never fall for a dame unless she lives a good distance

away cause if she's in your neighborhood you'll never stop reminiscin,

here's to wishin you soon move and i forget your existence.


She was never about consistency, i sort of knew all along

she still had her love for her ex set to on,

what exactly did i do wrong to deserve a 7 month sentence? what did i do wrong?

it's always the same ole heart break and the same ole song.

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The Other Side

Everything happens for one reason or another

I thought for sure I’d forever call you my lover.

I pushed you over the edge, made you have one sip too many,

Our drinks were not the only thing on the rocks, our fights were aplenty.


Relationships don’t work if you don’t love yourself first,

I’m case and point, so unhappy sometimes I feel like I’m cursed.

I’ll take most of the blame, you were only trying to please me,

Doing things you wouldn’t normally do, me acting beastly.


I think about you more than you realize, wondering ‘what if’,

Thinking about where we’d be today if I hadn’t pushed us off the cliff.

You’ll have the whole house to yourself soon, maybe I would’ve moved in,

Had a place of our own, maybe engaged, maybe twins.


I’m not asking for you back, just letting you know my side,

I put on a brave face, but I’m crying inside.

It hasn’t been easy for me, I’m always going to love you,

I don’t think that’s crazy to say after all that we’ve been through.


The silver lining is that at least we’re friends now,

Even just talking to you makes me happier somehow.

But regardless of our status I just want you to know,

You have a special place in my heart that I will forever stow.