The Cycle

January 2016


I know I love him, I really do,

But for some reason, my mind’s running askew.

Every night I think for better or worse,

But I wake up from my slumber feeling coerced.



I dream of the life we someday could create,

A girl with blonde curls and a world only love dictates.

We’d be very happy, I know that a fact.

But I wake up from sleeping and my dreams are sacked.



I think of him all day, he won’t get out of my head,

Excited for nightfall and the dreaming that lies abed.

I want that world, I really do,

But why can’t I make my dreams come true?



He’s unstable, whish-washy, too emotional, I say,

He puts the relationship on public display.

I can think of a hundred reasons to leave,

But after a day without him I start to heave.



I wonder when this cycle will break,

Because I’m causing us both a lot of heartache.

But I must follow my heart and through this cycle I go,

I’m willing to fight this until I truly know. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this was wrong, I do deserve a smack. But for the readers' sake you must know this account was hacked :) 

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If you are going

To get hacked.

This is the best way IMO.


Pretty good