I Know Where I Stand

January 2016

Morning slowly approaches, night darknes the skies,

thoughts run their marathon, elbows redden my thighs,

with no reason it's hard to find the right rhyme,

without love or hate it's hard to find any time


to write with a pen what i subconsciously long to say,

learn my lessons my own way,

take it all day by day,

that's the real Renato way.


Step on enough toes and run over chance after chance,

still i'd hold out my hand for one beautiful dance,

not just with anybody but with my somebody,

my gorgeous queen, the one and only, my one so lovely.


All along i've known where i stand,

now and then she slips out of my hand,

i take that time to become a better man,

that's always been the big plan.

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running_with_rabbits's picture


the best relationships are the ones where we decide they make up want to strive for better versions of ourselves, not because they have asked us, just because being with them makes us want to keep bringing out our own best :)



Much Love


Silver__lining's picture

every day i better myself

every day i better myself when im with this girl. beyond happy :) :) :)

can you hear me now?

running_with_rabbits's picture


good! that is such wonderful news my dear! keep it up!

Much Love