Be My Mrs.

September 2015

How could you think yourself inattentive?

your mind so inventive, eyes show no evil incentive,

oh so perceptive, aggressive in the kisses,

all about our hits, we come back swinging after the misses,


one day you'll be my Mrs., and i'll always be there to hold you

tighter each and every night, just like i always told you,

my book unfolds to this chapter that shows only blank pages,

i'm writing as i go, moving through the stages,


breaking through the cages that used to hold me back,

my minds hall of fame is only occupied by your plaque,

the codes been cracked, never running out of things to say now,

i'll keep writing about our love long after writing is played out,


maybe i may now ask myself exactly how someone like me,

could be with this exceptional vision of perfection like she,

both mentally and physically beautiful, she's all i ever wanted,

and i won't be happy til i'm all she's ever wanted.

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