Am I Just A Shadow?

March 2015

If 4 AM hits and you seem,

to wake up suddenly from a dream,

of me and you, don't ask what to do,

just text or call, i'd wake up for you.


Beside myself with worry, i carry the load,

am i just a shadow your car made in the road?

or am i always in your memories,

for being the guy who acted so friendly.


Will i be the recurring dream or the random thought?

so many questions without one answer caught,

no more time to try my hand with her, enough,

more time spent trying to learn how to erase love.


Am i just a text to your cell?

am i your bad fix as well?

you always said my love for you was a fix,

but never wanted to warn me of your tricks.

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Unique and provocative. :)  

Unique and provocative. :)


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Thanks for the read and

Thanks for the read and comment

can you hear me now?