As the sunlight fades away

I escape your grasp,

Even if only for a moment

And the pain

Of your cold fingers

Wrapped around my heart

Follows the escaping light

To hide among the distant mountains.

In those short moments of twilight

I lift my heavy eyes,

Begging the darkness

For the comfort of blindness,

But the dreadful ticking of the clock

Begins to slow down,

As the hands of time

Get caught upon

The fleeting specs of sunlight,

And slowly the pain returns,

As the cold left from your hands

Still constricts my heart,

It’s starting once again…

I strain to shut my eyes

And scream to the heavens,

But within the thin night air,

Only silence can be heard

As I am left paralyzed

I watch the tiny shards of hope,

Of which I tried to hide

In the deepest corners of my heart,

Rip out from my chest

And race up to the sky

Joining the other so called “stars”,

Becoming more permanent reminders

Of the paralysis of my hopelessness,

But just as the last shard

Rushes out of my heart

I reach out and grasp it,

And the pain from its shock

Makes my eyes sting

As they try to fill with the tears

That have fallen before their time,

And so my eyes then fall

Upon a broken stranger’s shadow,

As the picture of this weak man

Falling down to his knees

Burns permanently onto my soul,

As his fist hit the floor

His head begins to fall….

Suddenly he is lost from my sight

And all I can see is the floor below

And the blood dripping from my knuckles…

…..There I am frozen

Awaiting the precious gift of blindness,

Awaiting the familiar feeling of pain,

As my heart starts to feel the cold

And I feel your presence once again

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