diferent worlds


He sits in his limo

a suit coat

matching dress pants

polished black shoes on his feet

and a black briefcase in his hand

His expression was puzzling

As he rolled down his window

He seemed as if he was missing something

Living a scheduled life

Without any freedom

He seems to want chaos

He’s tired of order

with no spontaneous events

But every day he sits in the limo

Hidden within its’ tinted windows

But today he rolls down his window

And sees the chaos around him

The hustle and bustle on the streets,

That most people despise,

Lights a spark within his thoughts

He thinks of what he has become

What happened to the carefree boy

He used to be a lifetime ago

Why did he defer those dreams

That had once meant so much to him

He gets out of the limo and drops his briefcase

He gives his suit jacket, tie, and black shoes

To a homeless man on then corner

And he joins the chaos of life that he’s missed out on

And disappears into the sunset

The next month he walks on those same sidewalks

With a song in his heart and a guitar in his hand

He wears an “Aerosmith” t-shirt and a pair of flip flops

He is living the dream that for a while he thought had died

And he is a stranger to the man he once was

As he walks to the studio where his band awaits him

He thinks about making his first record

And something foreign yet familiar catches his eye

He sees a man in a suit, with a satisfied look on his face

Sitting in a limo with the window rolled down

But its as if he enjoys to be away from chaos

And he regrets he once had a life with no order

The two men’s eyes meet as they both start to laugh

“thank god I’m not that guy” they think to themselves

But they don’t seem to realize, that they met not long before

Brought together with the want of a change

and a jacket, a tie, and a pair of black shoes

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msdarkness's picture

I like the end of this. It's very well-written and very well put. It's something I would never think to write about and I think that's why I like it. Really straight forward and to the point. I really like it.