My latest tears have not been of sadness

And have not been of joy

But instead from a lack of emotion

A feeling in which has been dormant

In the very pit of my worst enemy..


With each redundant fantasy

Comes another soon to be obsolete dream

Looking foward to the blue horizon

Instead of the green grass that lay under my feet

Above the horizon and in my night sky

There are millions of stars shining with hope

But when I look upon them for assistance, guidance,

They fall from the sky

And down to the earth

To soon become a crater…

a reminder

Of what once was a potential bright hope

And is now another scar upon the gravel of my heart

These chains of which hold me down

Will break with time

But it will be to late..

for the tears will have dried

And the mask that I’ve worn

Will not only show an alter ego of my former self

But instead will have thrown my former self

Into the rolling, roaring waves of the ocean

And left to drown

At that point I will no longer be

Who I once was

Or who I was once  thought to be

But instead

Someone who I never wanted to be

And slowly as the ironic truth sinks in

I find no comfort in knowing

That the one person that I was meant to be, was...


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