3 words


I feel the hot sand on my back

as we lie under the stars

you close your eyes and fall asleep

and I carry you to the car

I look at you while I drive home

and I can't help but smile

I don't want the moment to end

so I drive an extra mile

I drive up to your house

and I just sit and stare

I reach out and touch your cheek

and I push away your blonde hair

You wake up and look at me

with your beautiful blue eyes

you smile and pretend to fall asleep

and I look at you and smile, letting out a sigh

I know that you're awake

but i decide to play along

so I carry you to your room

singing a soft song

I see the smile on your face

but I act like I don't know

I lie you down softly

but you won't let me go

so I hold you tight and whisper

I love you in your ear

You smile and whisper it back

and I break into tears

because those are the three words

I have waited a lifetime to hear

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