Blood red walls

Choke his sanity

Ripping him away

from his rusting image

Of a rising hero,

once more he is bitten

By the frost of temptation

Drowning within its spell

Of a blinding white winter

Where the air itself sweats

And the will to resist is frozen

As if from a nightmare, he awakes

In cold sweat and in fear,

He shivers from the frost bite

And trembles from the cautious wonderment

Of the damage he’d caused this time

As the seasons change

he forges iron chains

Out of the regret that runs deep within him

And he escapes to hide

within the twilight of the stars

Where he repairs his broken image

Of the rising hero he is still thought to be

Until once again

temptation breaks free

And another hole

Must be dug

into the gravel

Of a broken mans heart

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