i stand alone

surrounded yet alone can be the most liberating place of all...

i stand alone

without a home

watching the last one find a bone

as onlookers cheer on seeking a new shone

but there is nothing that's unbearable no matter how bad or wrong

i once asked for another to see their reflection in me

asked were my tears cloudiness causing we not to see

no more tears no more begging and no more lies

or repainting the vision i see to prevent our goodbyes

a beauty exists within my heart that is overshadowing my whys

my eyes are open

my mind is not blind

i see it may be time to leave many behind,

don't feel like i'm lost

and do not choose a side

for in this world the gaps are wide

pray for the best

and seek to be blessed

holding those poisonous tongues

it only takes once to discourage the pain

of wars that are not yet done

so speak life and live love

let actions speak as bygones become bygones

for the truth has arrived

to override false happiness derived

from half hearted attempts at the norm

if it is peace that i want it is joy i should seek

to sit still in the pain is to prove i am weak

i stand alone

in a cloud of thrones

who wish to be shones

and have their bones

hidden inside my own

holding my words my thoughts and my belief

that the one who loves me will be my relief

from the hole in my heart  from the tears in my eyes

His softest touch causes my eyes to dry

His gentles whisper clears up all the lies

the clouds that shroud me make things look like they are not

but i'm still in the middle for this is my spot

if i tell you my life you would wail and snot

how a ripened tomato just sat and rot

but there is no point to relinquishing my cot

i sleep in it, i made it and it is mine

as my glow from within causes me to shine

no peas for this princess no veil for this bride

i see through the muck in which many will try to  hide

i speak on the visions that come from inside

I stand alone

what was to be hidden has not been shown

what i have reaped i have sewn

what has been tossed has not been thrown

but absorbed into the vast unknown

i step along alone

unscathed and with no moan

understanding the ways of the world

lessons learned from the bodies that hurled

as we are once again a boy and a girl

i stand ALONE

Author's Notes/Comments: 

he moved on and now i will too, but i see all the little painful things those who claim to love me will do... yet i still stand alone in joy!

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