you in me

naughty ramblings

i felt you feeling me carressing your neck as you held me from behind wandering thru my mind

and hugging me tight

as our bodies intertwined

a moist wave of passion sparked todays action

that i do not want to end as we become more than friends

and my body reflects and projects my heart and my soul

and i give up to you all my control

and feel you reaching deep inside

to dig out the place where nothing can i hide

instructing me to let you have it

and let the inner most desires grab at

you reaching in to fit your spot

and i overflow lava smoking hot


transformed to only want you

the rest of the world is invisble

i open my eyes to feel you only and

forget what it felt like being lonely

cuz you are here in me

and i need you to be

ready to cum with me

hold me til i'm free

and fill me till i see

again how love can be

when you are here in me

i will not let go tho you tell me so and they call me a hoe and i really know

that i can feel you grow in places i'll not show i need you so and love you more and more

i felt you feeling me and holding on to what used to be since you can't see that holding me holding you is

where i need to be

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