effects of Katrina

she blew her self in

whinning destruction bringing the end forcing us to cling to life

she swelled the unmixable pain that has been mounting and spilled sincere gripes

washed away all routines bursting through the levy of peace and creating themes of savage cries and desperate measure

influx of uncontrollable nature yielding the outpour of common ground of fellow man

hearts matching words... blessings shared...prayers spilling milk and honey filled wishes of sanity and compassion unmatched in my lifetime...a togetherness un surpassed yet excitedly imagined

helping my brother, sister, baby, mother....thinking it has been me at one time or another needing love though devastated and feeling lost and alone

this giving spirit overcomes us all pinching this and that from home

all to try and love the shock of loss of normalcy that plagues and digs

strength courage wisdom action and love beamed out and carried on those rigs

to reflect the oneness and show we care and wash away some of this despair

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It brakes my heart that they lost everything and suffering, My heart will continue in prayer.
I also wrote a piece Destruction Katrina on this devating experience that touched the whole world in the core of our hearts.
This was a well expressed piece,