4 friends

Lost is my treasure, but I found four friends

Fishing for the lessons I put off until the end

They weasel their way in through betrayal and pain

The problem is these chicks all exist in my brain

My treasures picked them up, so it ended before it began

I need to learn a few while I still can

Witnessing this life in it’s furthest extreme

Taught me that nothing is exactly as it seems

Praying for simplicity that left us all bereaved

I now question all the things that I had once believed

I try to fill my life with searching for heaven through my dreams

But I still look so doggone hard til I miss the simple things

I wish they’d let me go, I wish they’d let me be

Cuz with these four up in my way there’s no way I’ll ever see

Their blurring up my vision with their twisted little ways

Depression holds my head so tight she keeps me in a daze

With these headaches that stream from my heart

Threatening to throb flesh and plate apart

Bitterness is unbridled and perfunctory in her approach

Perturbing even me sitting her heavy self on my chest like a broach

Memory that surges my veins with sensations

That override this wisdom to sidestep temptations

Confusion extends her soft loving touch

Strangling me with her sensitive clutch

I push these four chicks in to one straight line

Confusion is last, as bitterness follows

They flee me so quickly I begin to feel hollow

Memory kicks in and plays me her song

She pushes away depression for staying so long

Introduced and unmasked I show her this love

That those chicks took from me to tarnish and smudge

This painful split second will replay for a lifetime

As I pull my self apart standing in sunshine

Free of my friends and reforming my way

So I can continue on living today

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Brenda Kallvet's picture

Excellent read and write, you seem to have a talent.
Thanks for sharing....