It’s about me now is what they say

The more I hear it, the more I wonder in what way

Does that mean be selfish and enjoy life for my own happiness?

Or does it mean open my eyes and take responsibility for me?

Tempting contact’s at every curve

I just don’t see where they get the nerve

Offering these “new options” they have that’re better than the choice I made

Trying to replace him in mending my heart

Our true healing can only be expressed by touching and bonding souls

Feeling him mend makes me feel whole

It’s about me now and I wonder how

When it’s been 4 years and we both look like cows

Grazing and regrazing til digestion of this horrific circumstance is complete

No new factors to this equation should we meet

Including this ‘me’ they keep referring to that “it’s” about

Family is togetherness bonded by love

In my frustration I shout it out

It’s not about me it’s about WE

Falls on deaf ears who seem not to understand

That in order to be included in His plan

We must all grip this concept, digest it, live it, exude it……

Figure out what we to be included

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