Pulsing hot views seen by only us 2

Rubbing this tool velvety soft through and through

Begging to toss away to the view

That’s erotically shared by us 2

Gripping the dream till we scream from the burning dripping cream

As we climax you suggest licking it clean

Reminding me of the tearing seam, waking me from my dream

This isn’t what it seems

Awakened I must believe this tingly wet fantasy is only what I conceived

Confused how this life should be

Discovered the difference we try not to see

Realizing that we can’t be indulging this lunacy, holding on to this blasphemy

Eyes wide opened, at least for me

Beg and pray for this demon to flee…. GET OFF OF ME

Release your hold, set me free

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Kris Grula's picture

very unique and original. the word play makes this so much more profound. the expression of sensuality throughout blew me away