my man

naughty ramblings

I only spread my butterfly

For a special kind of guy

His heart is warm, he’s full of charm

And his princess he would never harm

Unless beating his pussy is the charge

Ripping panties off it to barge

Inside to ravage as I roam at large

Wings wide open fluttering so

His kisses brush a brand new spot

That’s when he gets bold

Trying to net this butterfly

He watches low as I fly high

Love so deep he makes me cry

Touching what I feel inside

This lust inside I try to hide

Strokes my wings soft and tender

Asking for his chance to enter

Digging intensely with each brush

Feels this altitude, knows to hush

Savoring his chance to be

Flying high with his queen

Passes her and begs her pardon

For reaching that other garden

Returns to taste her very essence

Grateful to be in her presence

Enjoying the sites sounds smells and view

Knowing of the many, she’s the only one of the chosen few

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

WOW! This was SO TIGHT!