my pain

My heart pumped strong, full of love and life

Then I had my babies cut away with a dull knife

I need to know that you’re here

Stroking my head and kissing me dear

Stay by me til I can think and function

Stay by me til I have a song to sing

I am still as a deer caught in the headlights

Frozen to the world hoping the danger

Which has passed was all a bad dream

Wake me up, PLEASE, wake me up

Show me it isn’t as bad as it seems

Let me fly with you to new heights

Teach Mommy to sculpt her cries

I can never really say what I feel

The words don’t flow out right

As much as I try it comes out scrambled

But the tears are rolling on

I cry silently inside every second of the day

Wishing I’d left and you’d stayed

But here I am, stepping slowly

And you’ve stopped growing

Mommies go first I always said

But GOD took you instead

I understand is what they say

Like it could console me

When you’ve gone away

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It may be hard for you to believe as I am only 14, but I DO know how you feel. My first girlfriend commited suicide before I could break the door.
If you want to know more, come to my corner and read my poem named "Her". Not many know what it feels like to have the only thing that can keep you alive taken from your arms.