Steppin into Healing

Encouragement raising me high

Your precious praise makes me try

Digging deeper in my soul

Replenishing these gaping holes

Praying to be saved again

Collecting a new list of friends

Flowing cuz I’m overwhelmed

Jotting down this deepest realm

Though I only scratch the surface

As I search inside for the purpose

Only to behold it outside

And that from it I’m trying to hide

But notice it’s pointless

And I arm myself jointless

Prayed up and fulfilled and refined….

Pass every test put in this path of mine

Scratch though the glass ceiling

To get to my healing

Submerged in pain, anguish and bile

I figure out why I am on trial

And rather than to fight

I turn on the light

Exposing this wound in its entirety

Separates me from society

As a light that glows a soft blue flame,

Whose love for God will not ever be tame

Only one question to haunt and taunt,

Why am I fighting the one thing I want?

For me to reflect Your love is all You ask

So, I thank You Lord and accept my task

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honey811's picture

This is a remarkable piece, Just have trust in the Lord and the light will always be shinnig. I also written many pieces on Our Lord. You have a real talent for writting in the spiritual growth, continue to express. Never be ashamed of it. Bobbie