want sum?

naughty ramblings

You are a nut waiting to happen

The way your lips are always flapping

Leads me to believe that you’re in need

To have a taste of me like you plead

Beg for my goodness sweetness, my nectar

When you don’t even know me

What’s your name, Mr. Pussy Inspector?

Eyeing me down like Hannibal Lector

Staring me naked, my inner parts exposed

Just so you can blow your load

Naughtiness accentuates the mode

Of interrogation and direction of which you chose

To indulge the sickest, kinkiest fantasies with me

Your mind oozed glee from the way that we

Would always be engaged in making nasty memories

That you will always keep of me

Even if you never get to see this hot-tight-pink-wet-fat-swollen-eversweet

Cunny that you beg to eat…..

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