2 dollar bills

I went to the store one day, giving a ride to my neighbor…

It was nothing unusual for me, especially doing favors for my neighbors…

During this trip I went across the street for I needed something to eat

While ordering my food, a man stared upon me and decided to reward my beauty

He felt I deserved to possess a 2 dollar bill

His words were” Una mujer linda como usted necessita buena suerte, si le doy este bill de dos pesos eso te lo lleva”- A woman as beautiful as you deserves good luck and this 2 dollar bill will bring it.  I accepted it, put tit with my car information and forgot it.  I next noticed many good fortunes, all coming in twos: free water 2 bottles at a time even if I was alone: duplicates of my meal only at fast food restaurants even if I ordered mountains of food.  This made me acquire another 2 dollar bill, which in hindsight, I should have passed on to my daughter Jasmine but, not paying attention to my universe is the only cause for this grave oversight.  For in my quest to double the beautiful disposition of my favor, I neglected the most important thing: Sharing the wealth both literally and figuratively, and as a result, even though I was given double the 2 month window to figure it out, I didn’t and the good began to sour.  I was placed in a predicament to spend 1 of those bills.  My misconception was that having both bills would double the good luck in 2 ways one being good fortune bestowed upon me by others, the rest from me making it happen, as I bought the other bill.  Not so, I cannot make my own good fortune except by doing works that are rewarded by someone other than me, for it was never about me and it was selfish and greedy for me to make it about me, not to mention that in my quest to find a means of uplifting my daughter’s spirit, I overlooked that small, menial token that would have spoken volumes to her sensitive, quiet, graceful, humble soul. I could kick myself for being so slow on that one concept.

It is the one lesson taught, but never reinforced in a practical manner.  So as I continue on with my second daughter Jessica I am more conscious of my opportunities to apply and reinforce life’s lessons and indulge as often as I can…….

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True story? This was an interesting piece.

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Yes, it's true

Yes, it's true

it means something