phone sex request

naughty ramblings

Can I voice screw you, right through this phone?

> If you enjoy what I say, you will change pitch and tone

> Talk so wild makes you stand over the throne

> This brain massage might make you overflow

> Teasing and taunting til your mind says go

> Stroking and moaning evoking new limits

> Bondage and tickling cuz you’re so timid

> Sensuous delights force peaking in your head

> As you descend to your cold waiting bed

> Reviewing those highlights like sports illustrated

> You call me back expecting to be elated

> This time more relaxed begin the melding of the minds

> And also ensued, a massage of a different kind

> Below the king who’s blown up by his string

> Totally stroked up and worshipped by miss thing

> Tantalizing sparks throbbing

> Won’t stop gripping til parts of you are sobbing

> Ecstasy will fill that need

> But only if you beg and plead

> Come on hun let’s do the deed

> Saddling up, are you ready for me?

> Yes right here, nobody’s looking

> On top of the stove now, you’re cooking

> See how I’m dressed stare down my shirt

> Don’t touch me fool, I’m just a flirt

> Do I know you, new friend?

> Why of course yes cum in

> Can you give it as good as you get it?

> How did you say that you want me to sit

> Fold my hind, tenderize my thighs

> You said you want a cherry or cream pie?

> Pacify yourself right now

> Stay away til I tell you how

  to spit that lotion cuz i am counting down

  5..4..3..2..1 what a relief now wasn't that fun?

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