wrapped up

naughty ramblings

75% of the time we smile

allow ourselves to be wild

glances on each other make us proud

to unsheathe these bodies from our shrouds

soft glimpses grip our minds to and fro

nobody's business how far we go

grip your mind make me whole

mentally sliding on your pole

so deep my mind stores your scent

and ecstasy we reinvent

this lust we share only compliments

the thoughts we had before we met

stroke my brainwaves touch me slow

intertwined may we never let go

you whisper that you want me so

i slurp you til you can't control

your deepest animalistic urges

that begin to spurt out in surges

burning lust that you serve to me

wets me heats me

runs so deep in me

holding tight your swollen member

that I’ve never seen up close to remember

oozing sugary lust

from the way we discuss

entanglement that becomes a must

until we remember who we trust

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