Chasing dreams to live a dream

i dream a dream and i chase my dream when my dream is already within waiting to be around me... growing from the image to the reality i desire and require...

i will do as i must and stand still and trust the birth of a new day that is the dream from this old brain to become the world of my today

plus i am tired of grinding and over working my brain running from my dream that i want materialized with  disdain for the assumed confusion that it displays

i run toward my dream... the one that chases me trying to saturate me in it's abundance and positivity

i am chasing this dream that chases me that i am running from and i want to stop but my momentum is so strong that it feels wrong to be still and allow peace a chance when i have danced with conflict dodging pain so long

but i do..... stop.... and let my dream catch me....and my dream.... sets... me ....FREE!

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a sweet write with meaningful hopes and I really liked it..insporing poem is this one..thanks for are really doing a good job