the question


if i'm going to hell
it's because i asked for directions
everytime an answer's offered
i refuse to listen
i cannot accept what
provides no satisfaction
i must have the whole truth
not merely a fraction
for every answer given
i point out the literal,
obvious, ridiculous,
manipulative and hypocritical,
frustrating everyone
with confusion and self-doubt...
now i understand what
"the fall" was all about.
like a son who asks too many
questions to his mother
every question answered
only leads to another
she tires of making up answers
but hates for her ignorance to show
to end his annoyinf questions
she asys, "because i said so."
the new answer for "why"
is simply put...infallable.
"now do as you're told, son,
don't be unreasonable."
"i don't think i have to.
bet you can't make me.
if everything's because you said so,
then why am i still misbehaving?"
now mommy gets angry.
"how dare you prove me wrong"
the punishment is harsh.
his respect for her is gone.
mommy puts on her face
then begins to spread her lies.
her son falls from her grace
and no one listens to his cries.
with this simple metaphor
everyone can relate.
"mommy" represents God
and "the son" shares Lucifer's fate.
all he did was ask questions
to the one who "knows" it all
making God doubt himself
"that boy of mine's got balls.
well i'll show him who's boss.
he will submit or else.
he can't point out my faults.
i will give him Hell.
make an example of him
to show the world what will happen
if they ever disobey me
or ask me another question.
those who seek the light
will never see it again.
the only light will be from me.
i will make doubt a sin.
in fact, i'll make them worship me,
sing praises and spread my word.
anyone who doesn't
will get eternally burned."
so maybe God's the bad guy
and the devil's a curious kid
'cause i ask too many questions
and life has been Hell for it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is the first poem i've ever written that i dedicated to someone. there's been plenty written about or inspired by people but this is dedicated to someone who isn't even my friend anymore. to mr. micheal "boo, the boogie oogie oogie oogie man" atchley of fort worth, texas. he and i had discussed the idea of God and Lucifer being labeled wrong and represented wrong and how easily the veil is pulled over the eyes of mankind and how they are herded like blind cattle. this is what came of it. i hope that it enstills questions in each preson who reads it instead of a barrage of nay-sayers and idiots. enjoy.

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I like this.

Well written and very insightful!

Peace. Always.

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i'm glad you got it.

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If you're going to hell for

If you're going to hell for asking questions...I'll probably being seeing you plan to have a corner lot...I need space!

Peace. Always.