short poems

i didn't realize it til i was irritated

guess i let it all get too complicated

in hindsight i shouldn't have participated

now all these wrongs will be reciprocated

gonna post a warning on your front door

gathering arms for a hellish war

preparing myself to even the score

deciding which weapons i need more

concentrating on everything you stole

i'm just about done digging your hole

got my shit packed. i'm ready to roll.

it's too late now to save your soul.

this is gonna be an important mission.

planned to the "T" with the utmost precision

i know for a fact it's the right decision

about to educate you on this viscious vision

will you look at this incredible spread

my tools of destruction lying on your bed

let the reality soak through your head

when you fucked with me, you were already dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

ha ha

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