inside the drugs


where is this trip leading?

into the flowers? up in the sky?

down by the river? running in fear?

laughing my head off? picking a fight?

when yu o rugs

do you take the reigns

or let yourself go

far away in other planes

spend hours theorizing, philosophising

confusing conversations too deep

educating each other of our

revelations recognized in the sheep

painting, drawing, writing the truth

our visions of yonder living throughout

wicked and wrong but determined to be

worlds solidify, melt, bend apart

colors change and shapes start to blur

the next thing you know it's all new

float away with the magic

distance yourself from everythig you knew

you emerge enlightened filled with ideas

dreams, thoughts and visions are clear

experience the pleasures

conquor your doom, rage and fear

when the drugs doyou, imagine the monstrous

foes you see as your friends

things are certainly wrong here

it all has to be a means to an end

the genuine person you used to be

got kicked and beaten by your reflection

viscious ugly person fucking with you

and what's left of any logical connection

your mind is tilting off its axis

gradually twirling inside it's shell

in every direction my eyeballs roll

focusing only on flashes of hell

you begin to feel warmer

as demons tear at your feet with their claws

gravity, logic and boundaries

prove they never agreed with their laws

shadows contain eyes twinkling red

you can feel it closing in on you

the pressure boils into panic

psychotic behavior begins to peek through

jerking around your eyes must see all

darting left, right, up and down

the growing and approaching insanity

is swarming all around

attempts to handle what's left of reality

dive, plumet into bleek madness

the abyss swallows too fast escape

suffocation and mentality passss

trying to cure you of your head

friends feign to snap you out

slap you, scream, restrain you

calmly hold you as you fling about

no matter what happens

no reaction is ever the same

experiences are different but worth it

it's why we play the game

to see a new deminsion

envision unexplored worlds

create something no one's ever seen before

communicate on levels so you can learn more

be someone. go somewhere. do something new.

try it, do it, adventures everytime

it's why we try drugs to begin with

discover what else is on our minds

so i'll continue traveling

down these rabbit holes i seek

searching for the ultimate high

examine what happens when i peek

pay attention to visions and revelations

memorize the prefection of the high

revel in each pure hallucination

embrace the trip and let it fly

Author's Notes/Comments: 

june 6, 2009

what can i say... i was waaaayyyy high.

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